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We offer a full range of paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation services including transportation planning, assistance and reservations throughout Southern California.

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Founded In 1953

Special Care Transportation

San Gabriel Transit operates paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation contracts across Los Angeles county through Access.

Over the years, the steady increase in the elderly population and passenger expectations has resulted in an increased demand for more rapid paratransit services. To stay in business, operators must find ways to overcome these challenges.

As one of the oldest paratransit service providers in Southern California, we help operators meet the growing demand in the best possible way. We give considerable emphasis on striking the right balance between service quality and budget.

Why Choose San Gabriel Transit?


At SGT, we understand that the needs of the passengers vary based on the community they reside in. Also, the operating guidelines are not the same everywhere. Thus, we provide targeted training to our operators and equip them with the right skill sets required when catering to the passengers’ needs.

Efficient & Productive

Offering efficient transport services to special needs individuals and the elderly population is the primary goal of SGT. To keep the productivity and efficiency of our services at an all-time high, we keep innovating creative solutions like deviating route in less populous areas, active dispatching, and vehicle utilization when the activity is low.

Administration & Oversight

We believe in building a cordial relationship with our passengers, clients, and operators. Our administration policies include forming professionally healthy relationships with the people we work. We guarantee the best business practices with clients by following local audits, collective negotiations, and FTA Triennial reviews.


Our operators and team members have a sound understanding of the technologies and software used in the industry and know how to make the most out of it. Being in the paratransit industry for long, we have the expertise of operating some of the major platforms.

Vehicle Maintenance

We give equal importance to keeping the assets of our clients in working condition at all times. Thus, we follow OEM standards to maintain the vehicles.

Call Centers

To offer ease to our passengers and clients when making a reservation, we have a well-managed customer support center.

Paratransit Technology

Technology Ensures Better Passenger Experience

At San Gabriel Transit, we are committed to offering comfortable and hassle-free travel experience.

As the leading paratransit service operation in Southern California, we constantly strive to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to offer reliable and on-time transit services to our passengers. To ensure service quality, dispatch efficiency, and correct ride matches, we use best-in-class software systems.


We follow the 5M risk management model to ensure the safety of our passengers and operators. Our dispatchers are equipped with proactive tools and tracking devices to keep themselves updated with traffic conditions in real-time. This enables them to take appropriate steps to tackle the problems.


With us, riders have the choice to choose from the pre-decided pick-up schedule. This cuts down the hassle of pre-booking the ride and enables demand balancing and improves productivity.


Mobile Driver Assistant

Every vehicle and taxi at San Gabriel Transit is fitted with in-build tablets that offer operators instructions and alters. It helps us minimize errors and optimize productivity and accuracy.

Customer Self-Servicing

To offer our passengers utmost ease in booking or acquiring ETA information, we have set up a customer self-support center. One can use any Internet-enabled mobile device or computer to access info at any given time.


At San Gabriel Transit, we minimize unit costs by optimizing the routes, utilizing taxis and other resources during low demand, and undertaking productive runs.


Operations Monitoring

To monitor the daily operations of our staff and supervise them, SGT has an operations monitoring console. The console provides the live status of the daily performance of the team.

Excellence in Operations

At San Gabriel Transit, we prioritize passenger safety and quality commute experience.

For clients with tight budgets, we strategically devise routes and optimize asset utility to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Safety First

At San Gabriel Transit, we are dedicated to offering passengers a safe and stress-free commute experience. To ensure we fulfill our commitment, we train our operators and drivers in every aspect of paratransit operations. The approach helps our operators cater to the needs of special needs and elderly passengers the best.

We train our team with wheelchair securements, ensuring the safety of passengers, and proper usage of lifts and ramps. This has helped us earn customers’ trust and deliver a gratifying passenger experience.